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Instructional Systems Design

If you don’t know what the problem is, how do you expect to fix it?

Dennison Training & Consulting specializes in up-front Performance Analysis and Cause Analysis, offering Instructional Design services to incrementally improve employee performance and streamline workflow processes.

Performance analysis encompasses documenting workflow processes, including but not limited to, the knowledge and skills required by those involved in these processes.

Cause analysis is determining the root cause of the gap between desired performance and observed performance.  Root causes are not always things that can be resolved by training.  For example, there may an environmental constraint, such as lack of required tools, that prevents employees from performing as desired.  Dennison Training & Consulting will not recommend that you attempt to fix this kind of problem through training, rather we will point out the root cause so that you can address it through other means.

More efficient processes, coupled with improved employee performance, means more profitability for your company.


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