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Mac OS X & iOS Training & Consulting

Does your company have employees who want to use a Mac at work?  How about an iPad or iPhone?  But, your IT and Training Departments know nothing about supporting them...

LeRoy Dennison has been helping others with computers and providing training on computer operations and management since 1983.

LeRoy was a Sr. System Engineer, then became the Sr. Manager, Technical Training for Apple’s Global Training Organization.  His team was responsible for Apple’s IT Training and Certification courses and exams.  Most recently, LeRoy was the Director of the Apple and Mobility Practice for PCM's Services Division.


LeRoy knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to training people about how to use a Mac or an iOS device.  He knows a lot about how to set up and manage them too.


Do you need help at home?  LeRoy also does work for consumers.


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