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Process Improvement

If a process is thoroughly documented and can be measured, then chances are good that it can be improved.

The key to repeated success is to ensure that everyone is singing from the same sheet of music; i.e., following the process as designed.  Once you have everyone doing the process one way, you then look for ways to incrementally improve the process by making a single change, taking a measurement and, if the process is better, look for the next incremental improvement.  If the process is not better, undo the change that was just instituted.  Don't change a lot of things at one and look for improvement.  If things are better following multiple changes, you will not know which change or changes are responsible for the improvement.


Dennison Training & Consulting has extensive experience in documenting processes, taking measurements, and incrementally improving these processes.

Performance analysis encompasses documenting workflow processes, including but not limited to, the knowledge and skills required by those involved in these processes.

More efficient processes, coupled with improved employee performance, means more profitability for your company.


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